April 23 Webinar: Getting a Handle on the Content Life Cycle

Join the Content Life Cycle SIG on April 23, 2014 at Noon (CST) when Joe Gollner, seasoned content solutions consultant, prepares us for a full season of discussions about the content life cycle. This is the first one hour webinar for the CLC and our SIG kick-off.


The process of planning, designing, developing, validating, publishing and evolving an organization’s content assets will necessarily have a lot of different pieces. Similarly, any solution put into place to facilitate this process will have a lot of moving parts. It is therefore important to adopt a coherent model that can be used to organize all the components into a single working environment. This presentation will introduce a candidate Content Life Cycle model that can be used to guide discussions and investments. It is a model that has been evolving over many years and that has emerged from a long sequence of content management solution implementations. It has also been refined with reference to a variety of other Content Life Cycle models and therefore can be seen as an attempt to integrate and reconcile other candidates. At the very least, it is one candidate that merits consideration as stakeholders in the content business look to find a common way to talk about what they do and how they do it.

Joe Gollner is the Managing Director of Gnostyx Research Inc., an independent consultancy and integrator specializing in applied content technologies. He has led over 100 content management initiatives during the last twenty-five years, with several of these being among the largest and most sophisticated ever undertaken. Over this period, he has been progressively refining a methodology for implementing highly scalable and adaptable content solutions, and doing so in close collaboration with such leading implementers as Boeing, the US Department of Defence, NATO, Xerox, HP, Nokia, Samsung, the University of Oxford, and the Russian Academy of Science. As an inevitable consequence of his academic background (Masters of Philosophy from the University of Oxford), he posts minor tomes on the nature of content through his blog, the Content Philosopher. He has also been working on a book appropriately titled “Engineering Content”.

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